Market strategy
Market strategy

Market strategy

  • To win in the current rapidly changing market competition environment, we must cultivate a strategic marketing concept and enhance the overall marketing power. Based on the international and domestic markets, we will strengthen the market strategy, product supply, logistics and transportation, and the marketing terminal in the horizontal strategy to create a one-stop three-dimensional network with high efficiency and optimize all aspects of the marketing system: in the vertical strategy, Strengthen the optimal allocation and adjustment of various subsystems of marketing, and innovate the specific implementation strategies of products, prices, channels and promotions, and create a market-oriented three-dimensional network system with market competitiveness, and strive for priority in the development of international and domestic markets.

  • international market
    A model for the globalization of Chinese companies
    Zhejiang VASUNG Tools Co., Ltd. has become a well-known tool brand at home and abroad with advanced manufacturing technology and scale strength, global management team, coherent enterprise development strategy, profound corporate culture, integrated product support and innovative business strategy. There are more than a thousand engineering cases in the country, and the products are exported to Russia, South Korea, Africa, and other places, becoming an industry benchmarking company with domestic and international influence and respect.

  • Domestic market
    Covers a nationwide marketing network
    Today, our sales network has expanded to many countries and regions around the world, and we have set up nearly tens of franchise stores in China: we have built a whole industrial chain model from production, sales, installation, and after-sales. The network has spread all over the country. In the middle city, it goes deeper into the third- and fourth-tier markets of developed cities.

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