Company Profile
Company Profile
  • About Us
    Established in 1995, Zhejiang VASUNG Tools Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the research, development, design, production, sales, and service of professional-grade and industrial-grade electrical tools. We are committed to advancing the field of electrical connections, leveraging cutting-edge technology as the cornerstone of our development, and continuously innovating to provide high-quality wire cold-pressed connection products and solutions for global users.

    Our Products
    Our flagship products include:
    Manual terminal crimping pliers
    Cable cutters
    Pneumatic (electric) terminal crimping machines

    These products find wide applications in electrical wire processing and connection, integrated wiring installation and construction, information center network maintenance, as well as in the aviation, aerospace, military, and energy cable processing sectors.

    Our Strengths
    As industrial automation evolves and demands for precision industrial control increase, the usage range and variety of terminals continue to expand. At Zhejiang VASUNG Tools, we continuously improve and develop our existing crimping and cutting products, always prioritizing customer needs and providing tailored solutions.

    Our Commitment
    Our team of engineers is dedicated to listening to your requirements and leveraging our years of development, design, and manufacturing experience to deliver bespoke products that empower you with greater efficiency and resilience in a competitive market.
    Choose Zhejiang VASUNG Tools for not just high-quality products, but also for personalized service and professional technical support. We look forward to partnering with you to create a brighter future together.
  • Enterprise Tenet
    Zhejiang VASUNG Tools Co., Ltd. with a focus on deep tillage tool industry enterprise, with the pursuit to become the world's leading professional manufacturer of tools worldwide. With an aim to provide global customers with the best cost-effective solutions and to create higher value for customers.
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