The advantages and disadvantages of FEIERKE pneumatic crimping machine
The advantages and disadvantages of FEIERKE pneumatic crimping machine

The advantages and disadvantages of FEIERKE pneumatic crimping machine

VASUNG Tools, Pneumatic Crimping Tool, also known as Pneumatic Terminal Pliers, is a tool that uses compressed air for impact movement. Generally, Pneumatic Crimping Tool is mainly composed of power output part, operation form conversion part, operation start and stop control part, and tool housing. Body and other main parts. Of course, the operation of pneumatic tools must also include energy supply parts, air filtration and air pressure adjustment parts, and tool accessories.
1. Special tools for crimping and terminal crimping (bare-end terminal, insulated terminal, closed-end terminal, nipple,...)
2. Suitable for computers, refrigerators, air conditioners, electrical appliances, electronic industries... for crimping terminals, wiring, connectors, etc.
Pneumatic crimping pliers rely on high-pressure compressed air impact movement to output pressure to the outside and push the chuck to close. When the pneumatic crimping tool is used to apply sufficient pressure to the wire and the crimping terminal, the terminal is in close contact with the two base metals of the wire. At this time, the temperature of the crimping area rises and the diffusion phenomenon occurs. An alloy layer is formed between the contact surfaces of the connecting parts, so that the two crimping parts are firmly combined into a whole, forming a reliable electrical connector.

Advantages and disadvantages:
1. It can be used in explosive, corrosive, high temperature and humid working environment
2, can be overloaded without causing the motor to burn out
3, simple structure, strong and durable, relatively easy to maintain
4, large output torque, light weight, high efficiency
5. It is necessary to equip an air compressor as the air energy supply, and the maintenance cost is high.
6. High air tightness is required, and cylinder parts cannot be damaged or aged.
7. It cannot be carried without the flexibility of manual crimping tools and electric crimping tools.
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