• OEM/ODM Statement

    For over twenty years, VASUNG have maintained our focus on manufacturing products primarily for the OEM / Private Label markets. From the early days producing crimping tools, VASUNG has gradually expanded its production capabilities to include cutting tools, telecom tools, fastening tools, stripping tools, hydraulic tools, and a wide variety of custom electrical tools.

    Our dedicated staff have become exceptional at solving problems to ensure that our marketing partners receive only the finest products on the market. This mentality has allowed our customers to win the battles for market share in a very competitive environment. From day one, we adopted a stringent raw material screening process to ensure that all manufactured products were of the highest quality.

    Nearly all products listed in our online catalog are available for private label or bulk OEM. When looking to expand, there is simply no better way than working with our experienced team to have new products ready for your sales force within a month.

Product Series
  • Crimping Tools
    Crimping Pliers,Pneumatic And Electrical Crimping Machines
  • Cutting Tools
    Cable Cutters
  • Stripping Tools
    Cable Strippers, Cable Knifes
  • Hydraulic Tools
    Hydraulic Pliers, Bending Machines, Cutting Machines, Pumps
  • Fastening Tools
    Cable Tie Gun
  • Telecom Tools
    Telecom Crimping Pliers, Insert Tools
  • Hammers
    Non-Rebounding Hammers, Combination Hammers
Product Catalog